Tiki Tour Bus

Whether you're coming or going by land or by sea, we've got you covered.

Don't Bike! Don't Walk! Don't Drive! Jump on board the Tiki Tour Bus with your whole group and arrive in true 'Boji Barefoot style. Designed for fun, this bus has been completely revamped with extra social seating, including facing benches and tables complete with cup holders. There's only one way to get around 'Boji...in the Marina District's Tiki Tour Bus! Why fight traffic, parking and miss out on the fun? Let us pick you up and deliver you to it. 

Rent the Tiki Tour Bus for $150 per hour. One hour minimum rental.

Contact us today to reserve the bus for your next group outing!

To rent the Tiki Tour Bus call 712-332-9904 or email us at cruises@okobojiboatworks.com.

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