Barefoot Bar

World famous for real palm trees and authentic tiki huts in Northwest Iowa!

The Barefoot Bar has all your favorite summertime specials! 

Float on in to try our specialty blenders, or a sandpail of mojitos...

And if you're hungry, our BarefEAT menu has you covered! Featuring the best appetizers on the lake,
and everything from Famous BBQ to a taste of Mexico!

Check out our world famous menus below!

Bar Hours

Friday at 3pm, Saturday & Sunday at 11am


Located on East Lake Okoboji - one mile East of Highway 71
24457-178th Street
Okoboji, Iowa 51355


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Barefoot Bar Drink Menu


Famous Frosty Drinks

Our specialty! Served in our souvenir cup!



Traditional, Peach, Watermelon, Raspberry, Strawberry, Orange or Mango



Kahlua, Dark Cream de Cocoa, Dark Island Rum, and ice cream. Ooooh so good.


Rum Runner


Strawberry Daiquiri


Pina Colada



Margarita + Strawberry Daiquiri


Miami Vice

Pina Colada + Strawberry Daiquiri



Pina Colada + Rum Runner


Get a "SandPail" Full!

You keep the pail! Refills at discounted price.


"Mock Tails"

Virgin Daiquiri, Virgin Pina Colada, Virgin Miami Vice


Virgin SandPail

You keep the pail! Refills at discounted price.


Margaritas, Mules and Mojitos.. Oh my!

Served in our souvenir cup!


Marina Mule

Traditional, Lemon, Cucumber Lime, Grapefruit Jalapeno, Strawberry, Raspberry Pomegranate or Apple
Or try: Mexican Mule (made with Sweet Heat), Irish Mule (made with Jameson), Kentucky Mule (made with Jim Beam)


Margarita on the Rocks

Original, Tijuana Sweet Heat, Jose Cuervo, Don Julio Blanco



Traditional, Key Lime, Orange, Lemon, Mango, Pineapple, Passionfruit, Strawberry, Coconut, Grapefruit, Apple, Raspberry, Cucumber Lime, or Grapefruit Jalapeno


Make it a Sandpail!

Get any of the above drinks as a full sandpail! Refills at discounted price.


Exotic Drinks

Served in our souvenir cup!


Long Island Iced Tea


Mai Tai


Bloody Mary


Whipped Orange

Winner of the Battle of the Bartenders Charity Event! Malibu Red Rum, Orange Juice, and a splash of 1/2 + 1/2


Pick Your Parrot

Name your rum flavor from Parrot Bay: Key Lime, Orange, Pineapple, Mango, Passionfruit or Strawberry
When mixed with cranberry juice, it's the perfect summer drink!


Make it a Sandpail!

Get any of the above drinks as a full sandpail! Refills at discounted price.


12 oz. Domestic Beer

Michelob Golden Light, Bud Select 55, Busch Light, Busch NA


Specialty Beer + 16 oz. Domestic Beer

Budweiser, Bud Light, Michelob Ultra, Coors Light, Miller Light, Corona, Corona Light, Landshark, Saga IPA, Shock Top, Bud Light Lime, Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy, Dale's Pale Ale, Henry's Orange Soda, Not Your Father's Root Beer, Bud Light Chelada, Sierra Nevada Otra Vez, West O Smoked Red


Bucket of 5 Beers

(Bucket Deposit Required)



Chardonnay, White Zinfandel, Pinot Grigio, Cabernet or Merlot



Printable Barefoot Bar Drink Menu


BarefEAT Menu




Shrimp Cocktail

Nice big shrimps, cooked fresh and chilled
1/2 lb or 1 lb

Hot Wings

With ranch dressing

Salmon Bites

Grilled and served with dipping sauce

Cheese Nachos

Tuna Bites

Seasoned and served rare, with soy sauce

Chips n Salsa

A large platter of crispy tortilla chips, served with salsa

Crab Dip

A Barefoot favorite, served with crackers

Nacho Grande

Chips piled high with lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese.
Beef or Smokey Chicken

Crab Cakes

The perfect southern recipe!

Cheese Quesadillas

With Beef or Smokey Chicken


Delicious heart healthy hummus, with veggies and crackers!

Garden Grazer

Celery, carrots & cheese cubes

 A Little Fruity! 

(Kid Friendly!) Fresh apple wedges w/ carmel dipping sauce and cheese cubes



Phil's Phamous BBQ

Served with chips and choice of coleslaw or potato salad

RIBS big and meaty, we smoke'm right here for 10-12 hours,
then slather them in our own BBQ sauce!

Half Rack or Whole Rack


12" Pasquale's Pizza

Thin crust, about 15 min. to make these

Pepperoni, Sausage, Canadian Bacon, Hamburger,
3 Cheese, or Sausage/Pepperoni Combo


Sandwiches and Stuff



Pulled Pork Sandwich

Smoked right here, served with our sauce!

Taco Salad

A platter of chips piled with shredded lettuce, tomatoes,
olives, cheese & your choice: Beef or Smokey Chicken

Smoked Brisket Sandwich

Tender, slow smoked beef brisket stacked high

Caesar Salad

Romaine lettuce, croutons and parmesan
With Chicken or Shrimp

Deli Sandwich

Ask what's fresh today!


Romaine lettuce, salami, olives, pepperoncini, tomatoes, onion


Hard or soft shell topped w/ lettuce, tomatoes and a side of sour cream.
Beef or Smokey Chicken - 2 tacos



Grill Baby Grill

Served with chips & choice of coleslaw or potato salad


Hamburger or Cheeseburger

1/3 lb. Angus pattie seved w/ all the fixin's on the side
With Bacon


Big, juicy grilled brat

Salmon Burger

Yep! Try it, you'll like it! Served with all the fixin's

Big Fat Hot Dog

1/4 pounder, grilled

Grilled Chicken Breast

Topped w/ Swiss cheese and all fixin's on the side



Printable BarefEAT Menu


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