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Chad Miner

Chad Miner


Growing up in nearby Estherville, Iowa, Chad was a town kid but his heart was in the country. He loved visiting his grandparent's farm. He also loved visiting his great grandparents in the Iowa Great Lakes near Gilly's Beach. He fondly recalls the short drive from Estherville with his family, competing as they drew close to see who could call out the first view of the lake. Chad says just being at the Lakes was mesmerizing to him at an early age.

Chad began his career with Parks Marina in 1997 in the service department. After spending some time in manufacturing and the boat lift industry, he returned to "the best marina around," Parks Marina, in 2011. Working in the marine industry was an easy choice for Chad. He loves how boats and water seem to make people excited about life. He's made great memories and built lifelong relationships around boating and he wants to share that opportunity with his customers. Chad thinks being a guy and loving boats just go hand in hand.

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